Daily Archives: March 31, 2014

District UIL

Spent this weekend in Denton where we won third and fifth in features, which earns us a trip to Regionals. Whew! I always want to make it to the next level. For a while I was used to dominating district. I have all these team champ plaques. That kind of gets in your brain and makes you think you’re all that.

Two years without that team championship…not even close to that made me sad at first.

But then I changed my mindset.

How amazing and awesome is it that I teach in a state with such strong scholastic journalism?!?!

I’m a big believer in scholastic J. I teach classes on the first amendment that begin with this:

Student Journalists, you are the final stand for the student voice. You are protectors of the constitution. Without you, the first amendment falls, and if it fails, democracy fails.

I want student journalists to understand how important what they do is.

It’s easy to lose sight of that in this world where celebrities and missing planes take priority over soldiers dying and the destruction of the public school. So much of the news has become something else, but not in schools. In schools, our papers are strong.

And that is awesome.

I’m thankful we’re going to Regionals. I’m thankful Regionals is in Abilene instead of San Angelo. And I can’t wait to see my friends, fellow advisers who understand the importance of scholastic J.


Yes, I’m still working on the next Sharlene Gallagher book. It’s with beta readers now, so it won’t be long! Her next adventure is great fun. 🙂