Daily Archives: March 22, 2014

A Lion’s Tale

ImageOnce upon a time I read a study on why guys are so aggressive with remote controls. The study said it was because guys are lions. Since then when DH flips channels too far and the TV gets stuck in no man’s land and we have to turn everything off to get it back, I nod my head and think, “Yeah. Lion.”

That’s what I say about his aggressive driving, too. Honestly he’s a great driver. WAY too aggressive…I mean, Dallas aggressive, which would be fine if we lived in Dallas, but we live in Wichita Falls where everything is 15 minutes away unless you get stuck at the light at our corner in which case you can add 15 minutes to your travel time because that light sucks…but yeah, way too aggressive. And I just sigh to myself and say “Lion.” Okay. That’s a lie. I sigh quite loudly and grumble “LI-ON!” and it doesn’t change anything because that’s just the way he is which is okay most of the time unless we’re on Kemp Street on a Saturday and I wonder of we’re going to live because OHMYGOD there are too freaking many lions on the street on Saturdays in Wichita Falls.

Today we were on Kemp Street. On a Saturday.

We didn’t have a choice. The furniture stores are on that street.

And the lion in my life needed a new chair because the old one was kaput.

The good news: We lived.

And we got the new chair.

I thought it was for him. Now, I’m not so sure:Image

I love my lion. And the dog who USED to be mine. ❤