That was surprising

I didn’t expect to get a lot of writing done tonight since we’re working on deadline and it was small group night. But I’m at that part of the story where everything starts to fall apart, and that tends to be pretty fast writing in the draft stage. I was hoping for 500. I got almost 2k. I’ll take it.

We talked about men we admire in small group tonight. It’s easy to think of that in superficial terms, which would be the complete opposite of what small group’s about. I said my dad. My dad can stay calm in chaos like no one else I know. He never freaks out. He doesn’t judge people. He prays. He goes through life these days with some pretty awful pain because of arthritis. If I had psoriatic arthritis, I feel quite confident the whole world would know about it. I definitely didn’t keep my frozen shoulder secret, and that was just for a few months. But Dad doesn’t whine. He just keeps on keeping on. I’m glad he’s my dad, and I’m glad he’s always been there to look up to.

If I keep going with this draft like I have, meeting the first draft done by spring break goal won’t be a problem.

Bonnie, if you’re reading this THANK YOU for kicking my butt back into gear nicely….

The words today included QUITE the shock!


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