Date Day and Writing

It would be easy to lose myself in a novel over the weekend. But I’m working hard NOT to do that. Today was date day. DH and I went to the Home & Garden show. Awesome this year! We went out to eat and then we watched HOURS of House of Cards Season 2. I’m still stunned with that ending. We finished the day with a little Olympics.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m disappointed with NBC’s decision to air the Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan story tomorrow. It’s the last day of the Olympics. I’d rather see something about the current Olympians. I know Costas, et al. have done several segments throughout the games, but I’d still rather keep the focus on our current athletes. Show the Harding, Kerrigan story next week.
After date day came writing time. Yesterday I wrote my poor heroine into a near death experience. I couldn’t very well leave her there.
I’m really enjoying this draft. I’ve given myself permission to write crap, and there have been a couple days where I wondered what happened to my command of the English language. One day I had to delete more than I kept. I know there will be more of those days. But I’m not thinking too much about that. Instead I’m focusing on how writing some every day gets me closer to the goal of the end.

It’s interesting how the “permission to write crap because you can’t fix a blank page” mentality frees my creativity. I have two amazing young men working on closing copy for the yearbook. One isn’t even in my class, the other is in a non-writing class. Both are known as amazing writers around campus, and they have done a GREAT job with the words, but they’re not quite there yet. They’re not honest enough. I made the guys take the oath Friday. They resisted. They’re used to writing for their English teachers instead of for readers. Sometimes, especially in upper level classes, kids are so focused on getting the words right they don’t realize that getting them wrong first leads to magic later. By 5:22 Friday evening, they understood. I told them to keep notebooks around for the weekend and warned them that inspiration could strike at any moment. It’s going to be interesting to see what they come back with Monday.

Just like it’s going to be interesting to see how many words I have on this novel draft Monday. 🙂


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