Working Overtime

Good thing I administer the “give yourself permission to write crap, you can’t fix a blank page” oath every year. Trying to convince myself these pages are better than blank pages and wondering if every writer does this.

Today our local paper had a story about the Texas Hooker. It’s the weather system that’s going to deliver 50 mph winds to us and huge fire danger since it’s hella dry here, and it’s supposed to deliver blizzards and severe weather east of here. Interesting that it’s called a Texas Hooker. Interesting that a weather system starting here is going to deliver a storm to my daughter 1300 miles away. Interesting that DD moved 1300 miles away to Ohio, where they’re having the worst winter in decades, maybe EVER. Interesting that she likes it even though when DH called to laugh at the fact that it was going to be five there her response was “THANK GOD! Five is great.” Because, you know, when it’s five here I just want to say words that would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap when I was a kid (sorry mom). It’s not five here often. It was this winter. More than once. I really hate winter. But I think I’ll hate summer more if it doesn’t rain and we can’t fill our swimming pools. 110+ without the chance to swim will really suck. Of course the lack of pool relief will be the least of our concerns if it doesn’t rain.

THIS is the kind of blog post that happens when the words are crap. On the bright side I’m still wide awake and the last scene I wrote was crap but crap I know I can mold into awesome.

Back to work. One word at a time. Image




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