Coffee Time Night Owl Writer Reporting For Duty #MyWANA

My little addiction

My little addiction

WAAAAAYYYYY back when I started writing again, my (no longer existent) local writer’s group met at Jackye Plummer’s house. I blame Jackye for my addiction and insomnia.

Jackye was an amazing writer, a fantastic hostess, a true joy and MEAN with her red pen. Nine times out of ten she’d hand a manuscript back, say “chunk the first three chapters” and then talk about what you’d done right in the book. The group would spend hours around her table trading pages of our WIPS. We loved Tuesday nights. We’d eat, drink coffee, read, comment and laugh for hours. I’m not sure what Jackye put in her coffee, but we could work for hours on it.

It’s been years since I participated in those Tuesday night critiques, but I still drink coffee when I’m working. I’ve tried NOT drinking coffee, but the words don’t seem to work without it.

Problem? I usually write at night. I don’t know why, but for some reason my creative brain kicks into gear around 10 p.m. If I could write all night, I would. But unless it’s summer, I have the day job to consider. The last thing in the world my students need is a sleepless Mrs. Lee reporting for duty. 🙂

I’m finishing up my late night coffee, remembering Jackye and saying a silent thank you to her as I write this post.

What about you? Coffee at night? Creative brain on night owl hours? Someone who made a huge impact on your life and art?

I’d love to hear your stories.#



2 responses to “Coffee Time Night Owl Writer Reporting For Duty #MyWANA

  1. winonabennettcross

    Mary Beth, you’ve brought tears to my eyes remembering Jackye and our little group in Wichita Falls. I didn’t know Jackye as long as you but I loved her just as much as you. What a marvelous inspiration she was. About the coffee–I do drink coffee or hot tea that usually cools off but I don’t have to have it to write. I don’t think. Maybe I should make it habitual so that writing could become habitual for me. I think my biggest problem with writing is making it a habit and kicking excuses to the curb. Thank you for this post. I wish every writer could have known Jackye or at least have a Jackye in their lives.

  2. I started drinking coffee while writing when I was in high school. I was part of of writing program and we had our own makeshift coffee bar right there in the classroom. By the time I was married and ready to have kids, I would drink and entire pot of coffee by myself. And that was just my morning dose. lol Obviously, because of the pregnancies, I had to ween myself off.

    Now, I drink decaf because I still love my coffee flavors. If I need a caffeine pick-me-up, I’ll have a cup of tea since I’m more sensitive to it now than I use to be.

    I wish I had my old friends from that writing class for critique sessions like yours. I’d probably get right back onto the pots of coffee again. 😉

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