A New Favorite: Rydal Mount

I didn’t take pictures at the hotel in Manchester. I wish I would’ve. I met a couple who’d been married for 63 years while we were waiting for dinner the first night. They were precious. He couldn’t hear very well, but he loved to talk. She wanted me to talk because she liked my accent. I wanted them to talk because I liked their accents. Perfect.

RydalMount_England201306190001The next morning we went to the Grasmere area in England. I’d fallen in love with Ireland, but this was a close second. The area is so incredibly beautiful and the people so nice. Once again , it was like we’d been transported to a different time.

Our first stop was Rydal Mount, William Wordworth’s home. His gardens were incredible, and the guide told he cultivated all of them. Today, descendants still visit the home. It’s well worth the trip.

All of the pictures are from my short walk through the gardens. I could’ve spent hours here.

RydalMount_England201306190010 RydalMount_England201306190009 RydalMount_England201306190008 RydalMount_England201306190002 RydalMount_England201306270004 RydalMount_England201306190003 RydalMount_England201306190005 RydalMount_England201306190006 RydalMount_England201306190007


One response to “A New Favorite: Rydal Mount

  1. Gorgeous! I love that tree! Just plop me under it with a stack of books and I’d be pleased as punch! 😀

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