1 luggage

My luggage, tagged and ready for the ride to Holyhead.

Everyone I talked to said to be prepared for a rocky ferry ride from Ireland to Wales. Even our awesome guide told us to make sure we took our Dramamine.

View out the ferry window

View out the ferry window

So we were all pleasantly surprised that our ferry ride was more like a cruise. The water was calm, the sun was shining. We were happy campers.

ON and I on the bus in a new country.

ON and I on the bus in a new country.

Wales was beautiful. We skipped the town with the longest name because our guide told us the name was made up anyway. He’s from Wales, so he was excited to show us around. We barely spent any time there, but what we saw was beautiful.

I loved that we could see Snowdonia. It reminded me of the Game of Thrones books. We traveled to Beaumaris, a huge medieval castle. As we walked around I could just imagine the people who actually lived there in this beautiful area when the castle was actually a place of protection.

I’ve heard Wales is home to more castles than anywhere else in the world. It would be fun to come back some day and do a castle tour.

We didn’t stay too long at the castle because we had a long drive to Manchester, but what we saw was amazing.

4  beaumaris wales castle 8 wales view 7 wales gat at castle 6 wales flowers at castle 5 wales castle


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2 responses to “Wales

  1. I took that same ferry ride. I wish I could have toured one of the castles. All I really got to see of Wales were several fascinating looking ruins from the train. But because of missing my train in Galway (I probably will put that experience in a book 😉 ), I had to stay an unscheduled night in Holyhead. It was actually great! I stayed in a B&B run by an elderly couple. I was their only guest, and they were so sweet. It was like staying with my own grandparents. 😀

    • What a neat experience, Shea. It’s nice that as writers we can look back at the junk in life and use it to fuel our stories. 🙂 I wish I’d had more time in Wales. I definitely want to go back!

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