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Low Carb in Ireland? Hah!

Packing for Ireland, I was prepared. I had my handy dandy almonds and beef jerky. I planned on keeping up the low carb lifestyle.


From the minute we landed it became quite clear that the potato is still very much part of the Irish culture. And whisky…it’s everywhere.

So after 1 day I gave in and let low carb living fall to the wayside for this trip.

Totally worth it.

Irish Coffee

This was my only Irish coffee while there. It was amazing. We’d walked down to the beach and got caught in the rain on the way home. 58 in Ireland is like 32 here. We were so freaking cold. So I indulged. And it warmed me right up. 🙂 I told the bartender to make it like she would for herself. She added Powers instead of Jameson. It was yummy. And warm. And it made me happy.

The Best Coffee Ever

This was the coffee in our hotel rooms in Ireland. Instant coffee is the norm, and it’s not all that bad. We had an interesting group with us on the trip. One of the ladies told us she never drank coffee but the little man at the station across the road from us in Killarney made the best cup of coffee she’d ever tasted, way better than what was in our rooms. She said he made the coffee individually in his office and it was handcrafted. I cajoled my friend Susan into going with me to get that cup of the best. coffee. ever.

She ended up in front of me in line and ordered her coffee first. The sweet little old man took her order then promptly grabbed a cup from the back of the store and added steamed water to the instant coffee, stirred and served it up hot. Just like the free coffee in our rooms. Hand crafted. I didn’t order one. But we got a big laugh over that best coffee ever the rest of the trip.

An aside here: ON really wanted to go to drug store in Ireland because she read online that she could get Irish makeup in a drug store. So she and her roommate asked the sweet little old man where the closest drug store was. He leaned in close to them both and whispered, “What are you looking for? Hash?” They about died! When they told him they were just looking for some Irish makeup, he probably about died, too.

Back to low carb and giving it up for Ireland.


This was my first sandwich on bread since March 2012. I don’t know why I didn’t take photos of the potato soup, potato puree, fried potatoes, friend mashed potatoes, potato pancakes and other potato yumminess on the trip, but I didn’t. No. I took a picture of this beautiful work of art. It said it had mayo on it. It had mustard. And not mustard like we have here. I have no idea WHAT that mustard was, but DANG it was hot. I still ate it. And the bread. Everything in Ireland tasted super fresh, super delicious, super amazing. Well everything other than this strange carrot and potato curry some people ended up with in Dublin. I don’t think anyone liked it, and we all like curry. Very odd dish.

Even though we hiked a few miles every day, the decision to eat carbs resulted in a 7 pound weight gain over the course of the trip. I lost all 7 pounds within a week of being back on low carb. I thought it would be hard to get back to the no sugar lifestyle I’ve embraced. Nope. Easy Peasy. #


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