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Ireland Day 1

I’m always excited to get on international flights, but when we boarded the plane in Chicago for the long trip to Shannon Ireland, I worried. The plane was as small, maybe even smaller than ones I’d taken to Vegas.

Sleeping on the flight is imperative or you lose at least one day. Sleeping in the United Airlines plane with no leg room and people squished in like sardines would take some serious will power.

I did not have the will power. I wish I would’ve take photos of some of the kids on the trip though. They took off their shoes, huddled in little balls on their seats and slept for hours. Maybe at their age I could’ve huddled in a ball like that, too. Or maybe if I’d kept up the Pilates. Or….no, no way.

So the flight out was sleepless, but there were plenty of movies. Thanks, United. I enjoyed the latest 007.

Flying into Shannon it quickly became apparent we were in for a treat. There’s a reason Ireland’s called the Emerald Isle. Oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous.

When we landed our awesome guide Paul greeted us with news that our other groups were delayed so he sent us to see Limerick.

Even though I was exhausted, I could tell I was going to love Ireland.

Ross Castle, Killarney

When we got Killarney we took a jaunt (carriage ride) to Killarney National Park and Ross Castle. The lushness took my breath away.

I loved Ireland, but at the end of day one, I really had no idea. I just knew one thing: I needed sleep. Bad. The fact that it didn’t get dark and our room had skylights didn’t bother me at all.Skylights over the bedsOur Killarney room

At Killarney National Park

At Killarney National Park

Ross Castle Pretty trees