Hey Moms, Don’t Trust The Squeaky Clean Facebook Wall AKA Cashing in My Cool Card

Interesting conversations about social media at school this week. Several of the students said they no longer get on their Facebook pages. WEIRD, right?!?! I can’t imagine life without Grumpy Cat!

They said it’s because their moms are all on Facebook now. Ohhhhhhhhh.

Instead they spend their time on twitter and tumblr, places their mothers don’t understand. There was another place, too. Can’t believe I didn’t write it down. The conversation Wednesday in third period ended with one of the girls telling another not to “blast her business.” The class had to explain to me what that meant. They got a kick out of that.
So here’s my public service announcement for moms: if you’re not worried about your kids’ digital lives (learned that term this week too thanks to fellow teacher Scotty Coppage) because of their squeaky clean Facebook walls, don’t believe it for a minute. Their digital lives are WAY bigger than ours. But don’t freak out too much. They said their number one reason for leaving Facebook was all the drama. The next reason: all of us. They said twitter drama is even worse, but it’s different. I think some of them are using tumblr like their moms use Facebook.

These kids are digital natives. They embrace technology and toss it like two-year-old magazines on a regular basis. Most of us moms are digital newbies, even though we’ve been using social media almost as long as our kids if not longer. Some of us are just as addicted to social media as our kids if not more so. Social media can be awesome and wonderful. It can also be destructive, and not just for our kids. We owe it to them to be aware.

Yeah, I just cashed in my cool teacher card by “blasting their business.” I’m okay with that. 🙂


5 responses to “Hey Moms, Don’t Trust The Squeaky Clean Facebook Wall AKA Cashing in My Cool Card

  1. Instagram and snapchat are two other up-and-comers in the social media arena.

    • It might have been snapchat, but I don’t think so. They talk about that ALL the time because of how they don’t have to worry about what they say because it’s only there for a moment. This week, though, several of them were talking about how to capture the snapchats using a computer. They were pretty excited. I laughed when they showed me snapchat last semester because it’s WAY too fast for me. 🙂 They LOVE snapchat.
      They all use Instagram. After the terms of use kerfuffle I’ve quit using mine and the yearbook staff’s accounts

  2. I love Instagram! I post pictures from my classroom all the time, and I’ve connected with people who share interests, as random as they may seem. (I had no idea the gecko community was alive and thriving until I adopted one in my classroom…) I was pretty nervous about instagram after the big TOS issue, but they backed down completely with a sincere, “Wow, we had no idea people felt so strongly about this issue!” Which seems disingenuous at best, but since I’m fairly comfortable in my rut I’ve decided to stay where I am. For the time being, anyway.

    I had never heard of snapchat until my middle school niece showed it to me. I watched her “chat” for about a half hour before I decided it was not for me. I did find it encouraging that so many of the kids were genuinely clever about their picture/text combinations. They really do have brains in their heads! But then I saw how little they control/care about conventions, grammar, and punctuation, and the writing teacher in me died just a little bit. ;0)

    • Looks like I’ll be using my Instagram again. Thanks for the info. I just used it to post pics. I never looked at it for community building. What a great idea!

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Snapchat drives me crazy. I think it is possible the most ridiculous fad in the world. There’s not really any point in it. But I agree about Facebook. I don’t think it’s really useful anymore. I find no pleasure in scrolling through my news feed and seeing teenage drama. Girls complaining about their boyfriend tha just broke up with them, girls whining about how they have no boyfriend, guys being stupid, and the correctly dubbed ‘selfies’ that girls and now guys post. I’m really not intrested in seeing one of my peers cleaving or their six pack.

    Someone once described Facebook to me as the new ‘easy porn.’ Not, I’m not lying. Ick.

    Tumblr’s pretty great. Twitter is nice too as long as you don’t get stuck following someone who tweets too much. No one wants to know when you’re using the bathroom. Pinterst is always fun- I know my Mom LOVES that. She knew about it before I did!

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