You’ve got to be kidding me?!

First thing this morning I fell while walking the dog. In case you haven’t heard, the winds were blowing 50 mph this morning. And it was freezing!

So there I was walking Emmie, and BOOM! on the ground. This isn’t anything new really. In fact, it’s fair to say it’s MORE a surprise that I didn’t fall before today.  I fell across the street from a student’s house. Sometimes the student’s dad is outside in the morning. Fortunately that was not the case this morning. 🙂

To be honest, though, I didn’t really think about him at first. My first thought while I was lying there on the asphalt of Easy Street (yes, really) was OHMYGOD Governor Perry wants to make it legal for me to carry concealed to school. I’m not the clutziest teacher I know. Think about that for a minute and be afraid, very, very afraid.

Scary days. Scary days indeed.

3 responses to “You’ve got to be kidding me?!

  1. MB, neither you ar anyone else would be able to concealed carry on a whim. Only after thorough training would this be allowed. A weapon with the appropriate safety, such as on the Glock, could be thrown across the road with going off. I think for a good informed opinion you really ought to take a concealed carry course, learn about the use of handguns and then blog us on it! Really!

  2. As far as clutziest I would usually say I was, but you bring to mind a trip to Rome that definitly ranks up there. I am certain however I should not be the choosen one for concealing, I am thankful for the policeman on campus as well.

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