Night Owl Retraining

Used with creative commons license. By Dave Stokes.

It’s 1:24 a.m. and I don’t want to go to bed, but I start school in a week, so I better make myself remember NIGHTS are for sleeping. I’ve always been a night owl. I think it started when we got the Atari when I was a kid. I loved Pac Man. Mom loved Pac Man. We’d stay up all night gobbling up those little dots and trying to beat those pesky ghosts. That music is etched in my mind. My friends and I would have read-a-thons when we stayed at each other’s houses for sleepovers. Who could make themselves stay up all night to FINISH the book. Or we’d have write-a-thons. Who could write the most  chapters before crashing? When I first started writing commercial fiction, I could stay up until 2 a.m. working and function the next day no problem. That’s changed. So even though for some reason my creative brain works better after 10 p.m., it’s time to retrain. It’s going to be a great school year and great writing year. The school paper even made the local newspaper yesterday! ###

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4 responses to “Night Owl Retraining

  1. I’m in the same boat. I’ve been staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning. This week I’ve FORCED myself to go to bed by midnight. Next week I’m aiming for in bed by 11, so that when we have our week of inservice, I can try for 10. Going to miss those quiet late nights, though!

    • Mary, I don’t know if I can get to bed that early, but I need to try. UGHHHH!!! I’m going to follow your example with morning writing, though, and I’m going to write through lunch this year. It’s going to be tough to give up the teacher’s lounge, but I have to commit.

  2. I’m just the opposite. I’m such a morning person, but I have been staying up until 11pm watching the Olympics and sleeping in until 6:30. I will have to go to bed earlier since 5am is my school-year wake up time.

    • Sharon, it’s going to be hard to reprogram for school! 🙂 I’ve LOVED watching the Olympics this year. Not so fond of the announcers, but the athletes were awesome!

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