The Olympics inspire me. I love watching athletes who’ve devoted their lives to their sport finishing an event in victory. Way back when I was still in high school I would work out the whole time we watched the winter games at night. We had one of those little indoor trampolines and an exercise bike. I would jog on the trampoline or bike for hours watching ice skating and hockey and all the other events. When the games ended, I promised myself I’d keep up the routine, but within a month or two, I was back to my old sedentary habits.

That cycle of working out–not–working out–not followed me for life with disastrous results. Now I’m in my 40s and I’m an Atkins convert. It’s been four and a half months. I need to stay committed to this lifestyle. It’s healthy. I feel better. Sugar and flour really are my enemies.

While diet and exercise are always on my mind, these Olympics make me think about my writing as much as anything. The athletes train and train for this moment. They have a plan and they stick to it. They often have amazing family support, and they’ve all sacrificed something to get to this place in time. My friends who are best selling authors know all about training and planning and sacrifice. It’s not easy. They also know about the thrill of triumph and the agony of defeat. I commit some days, weeks or months. But I haven’t been committed 100%. I haven’t turned off the Internet, I haven’t quit streaming Netflix. Shoot, I watched two seasons of Dance Academy (great show, btw) and played a million games of Bejeweled Blitz instead of getting started on true revisions. Watching the Olympics tonight, I realize if I want it, if I really want it, I have to refocus. So here goes. Refocus starts now. ###

Writing YA as Elizabeth Lee and Christian Fiction as Mary Beth Lee. Find out more on my Amazon author’s page.

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