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Teamwork Matters

woodley wonderworks. nopsa.hiit.fi Used with creative commons license.

When I told my kids to bring a towel to the yearbook meeting, their first thought was What? Mrs. Lee’s lost it again. Their second thought was Cool. Pool.
They were wrong on both counts.
I had them stand on one side of the room on their towel and then said they needed to figure out how to get to the other side without touching the carpet. Within seconds they were jumping across the room trying to get to the other side. WIthin a couple of minutes most of them had made it. They were hot and sweaty and breathless and I was laughing.
I’d done the same activity with the 7-10 class I help out with at church, and they’d done the same thing. I figure I could do it with a bunch of adults and get the same result. When I had them go back to their starting points but added a thirty second time limit, they were shocked. And then they were confused. And then one of them figured it out. Within 30 seconds they were all across the room, without the heavy breathing and sweat.
All it took was teamwork. A path of towels instead of each person doing their own thing.
Great object lesson for life.
That’s why I joined the NTRWA chapter. I missed a writing a group. People who knew where I was and where I wanted to be. People who spoke the writing romance language.
That’s why I follow #MyWANA and #amwriting on twitter. When I’m working alone, I get words on paper. When I’ve got a team pushing me, it’s better.
That’s what I loved about Fast Draft.
Teamwork matters in everything we do. I’ll focus on that this year. ###

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