Daily Archives: April 12, 2012

RIP Sprinkles

I brought Sprinkles home a month into my first year of teaching. She was the runt of a barn cat litter. My class “gave” her to me because DH, who at the time was D fiance, had said no pets. The minute she came home with me she was much DH’s cat as mine. First, any time he had the TV on The Weather Channel or Scooby Doo, she stopped to watch with him. 2nd, she’d actually sit on his chest in bed.
Sprinkles loved babies. She was a gentle soul and scaredy cat. DH had to climb up a ladder to get her from the roof more than once. We finally figured out that if she could get herself up there, she could get herself down. She didn’t like that decision on our part, but she did finally quit getting on the roof.
We had a mean neighbor cat who always tried to beat her up and actually succeeded a couple times. For some silly reason I insisted on her having a collar with a bell on it. Every time she walked into the front yard, she announced her presence.
She loved to lay outside on the sidewalk in the sun. And she loved to chase Barbie Doll heads when she was a kitten.
She liked to play with string on a branch, and still would every once in a while until the last month.
DD named her the day I brought her home.
She loved to do Pilates with me, which I always found funny. She’d lay on her back and copy me while I did the 100.
If I was on the Total Gym, she insisted on being in the living room with me.
She only ate her dry cat food, cereal milk and left over vanilla ice cream until the last couple years when she developed a taste for Oatmeal Cream Pies, cheese, bacon and chicken, but even then, she only liked a taste of those foods, not a meal.
She grew old while we–DH, DD and I–all grew up.
She was a good cat, and we loved her dearly. Taking her to the vet this morning was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done.
As much as this hurts today, the last 18 years were worth it.

Sprinkles Kitty Lee August 1994-April 12, 2012.