The Only Wrong Answer: Silence

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. –Martin Luther King Jr.

I never expected my Plea From a Teacher letter to go viral. I blog about education issues all the time. I even helped lead a local Save Texas Schools rally last year. The fact that so many people (around 3000 that I know of after less than 48 hours) have read the post and shared it by retweeting, posting on Facebook, commenting here on the blog or privately, gives me hope that we can change the direction of education today.
If you’re in Texas, the Save Texas Schools rally is in Austin March 24 from 11-2:30 at the capitol. You should be there and make your voices heard. We can’t wait for the Texas Legislature to be in session to get involved in the dialogue. We need to be out there now. If you’re not in Texas, get involved in your state.
Also, teachers, make sure you’re talking to parents. Parents are as frustrated as we are. AND don’t believe for a minute this is a teachers vs administrators issue. Trust me when I say administrators at all levels are as frustrated by the state of public education as classroom teachers are.
Current educators need to be the driving force of education reform. NOT business owners, not testing companies, not media pundits. We cannot sit silently while children suffer and school systems collapse. We must be vocal about change. The world has changed and education has changed along with it. Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Finally, remember, tests aren’t evil. Tests are simply supposed to be tools to measure data. When tests drive everything about education, that’s a problem. Check out this link for more on that. Be prepared to be stunned by how we ended up with this test-centered public education atmosphere. I certainly was. Now more than ever I know it’s time to speak up.
Thank you.

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3 responses to “The Only Wrong Answer: Silence

  1. Sandy Mcmurray

    Thank you for your honesty ! For caring !! I have 6 grandkids that deserve better than what we are getting – thank you !

  2. i teach GED for a living, which means I teach a lot of kids who were failed along the way. my use of passive voice here is intentional because I don’t know who did the failing. the district? the parents? the individual? I do know that you are right about needing tests not test-centered curricula. I also know that educators, not money-people should be at the center of reform.
    thanks for the great post!


  3. Your articles are so very true. I think that these TESTS that students are required to take are ridiculous! Not only that the teacher’s are being forced to teach accordingly! What happened to teacher creativity in the classrooms….as well w/ the kids….they are so worried about passing the test that it sends them into panic mood!! Bottom line here Teacher need the rigjt

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