Scholastic J

It’s a different kind of work today. One I’m excited about. I have no idea what the future holds. I only know that I have something important to share. So often people look at journalism as a career, a vocation, something to be trained in. The end.
But it’s not the end. For while that’s true, journalism is so much more.
It’s the protector of the constitution. Without a strong free press, the US will cease to exist. It’s an amazing time and a frightening time right now.
Everything is changing so fast. iDevices have made citizen journalism a norm. Paper is ceasing to be the medium of choice for news, there’s no such thing as privacy and people post all sorts of wonders and horrors online.
At the same time we see testing companies and defense contractors buy politicians. Creative thought and the ability to question the answers have been stripped from k-12 schools across the nation, and that lack of freedom is creeping its way onto college campuses…the 6th circuit showed that last month, and the SPLC can show case after case of infringement of rights at the university level.
Years ago, when we were in college, my husband called this limiting of freedoms “foot in the door” in a speech he made about parental advisory stickers on albums.
That was in 1989.
Back then we would have never dreamed an entire political party would take a stand against birth control paid by insurance. We would have scoffed at the idea of The Patriot Act or a judicial ruling that allowed the US to hold someone indefinitely without filing charges over the chance that they might be a terrorist.
Now more than ever journalists must do their jobs. They must be the protectors of the constitution. They must be of the people, for the people.
If not, I’m afraid of where we’re headed.


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