Your Right to Dream

Hey, You, Stop That!

Seriously. I’m talking to you.
Remember back when you were a kid and had dreams of writing, editing, publishing, (designing, drawing, painting, sculpting, singing)?
And then you went to college and tests, papers, projects, parties took the place of the dreams, but they were still there, jolting your memory every once in a while.
And then you finished college and got THE JOB that was supposed to pave the way to the dream, only it didn’t because instead, it cannibalized the dream.

Find a quiet place with a journal, some chocolate, a bottle of wine and rediscover the dream.
Don’t let the job destroy it or your family. Your passions. Life.

You have the right to a life outside the job. Don’t let work destroy you, even if you love work.
Don’t sacrifice your family, your heart, your body for a paycheck.
Remember the old saying Work to Live, not Live to Work.

And hey, you there in the mirror, it’s never too late. Remember that!

One response to “Your Right to Dream

  1. Me? Yeah, you may be talking to that gal in the mirror, but you’re talking to me too. I had those dreams when I was a kid. And you know this job of advising – I love how you put it, how “it cannibalized the dream.” At my house, when something breaks or needs replacing (the car, the washer …) the running joke is “when you gonna write that novel, mom?” The assumption is that the novel will make us rich, of course. It’s validating to see that you’ve done it and are doing it again, though I have no clue how you find the time.

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