Procrastination, thy name is The Weather Channel

This is my life.
Last week, I had all these great plans. Morning pages, workouts, school, after school yearbook and newspaper work, writing….
I have friends who handle the above schedule with no problem.
I SHOULD be able to do it. Instead, I worked out twice, did morning pages half the time, got no new words down, and watched a heck of a lot of The Weather Channel.
Procrastination, you have a new name: Hurricane Irene.
I know very few people in the path of the hurricane. No one of my family lives on the east coast. BUT right about Wednesday last week, the day DD got sick and I stayed up with her and held her and told her I loved her as I tried to keep her neck cool with damp paper towels, I tuned in to TWC, and the rest is history.
Today, I finally got back to normal. Well, normal minus the workout.
I used to protect my writing time, treat it sacred. No one bothered me after 9 p.m. because they knew I was dedicated to the written word. It was like the writing fairy godmother came along and POOF, I was a writer.
In the last few years, I’ve lost that.
These days I’m an empty-nester. No need to wait until 9 p.m. to write.
So, here goes. I’m writing. Every day. The words might be magic, or they might stink, but from now on, I’m writing in the evenings. My writing fairy godmother has spoken. Poof! I’m a writer.
The Weather Channel will be there when I’m done.

One response to “Procrastination, thy name is The Weather Channel

  1. Hey, Superwoman! If you figure out how to “do it all,” please let me in on the secret! You’re terrific. Don’t forget!

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