Watching the long lines of Syrian protestors from the safety of my living room TV, I can’t help but wonder if I’d ever be that brave.
These people know soldiers will fire on them. They know hundreds if not thousands of their fellow countrymen have already died. And yet, they still make their way to the streets where they march in non-violent protests of a government regime they feel is corrupt.
Pictures of torture inflicted on young protestors caught and then murdered break my heart.
I don’t know anyone in Syria, and yet, I watch.
I’ve been watching for months, ever since the Egyptians took to the streets to protest Mubarak. Or really, I’ve been watching for a couple of years off and on, since the protestors started marching in Iran.
The Syrian government’s response is something different, something horrible. Nightmarish.
And yet, the protestors continue to march.
And as they march I wonder WOULD I?
Would I be brave enough to defy an authority that has no problem mowing down scores of people in cold blood? Would I be there day after day crying out for freedom, hoping the world would see me, knowing every second there’s a chance my death could be seconds away?
I ask myself the same thing when I read my bible. The martyrs through the ages continued to preach the gospel even when faced with death for doing so.
It’s easy to organize protest rallies in Wichita Falls where the most danger you find is from some angry man who wonders why everyone is being so nice.
It’s easy to show a belief in God and Jesus and profess christianity in Wichita Falls where the most dissent you find is from atheists who feel christianity is filled with hypocrisy and judgment. It’s especially since 90% of the people in the area are christians.
I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to fight for freedom in the face of death. But I sure am glad the news is showing people who are. Those people challenge me. I hope if I’m ever confronted with the reality of what that kind of bravery takes I’ll be able to say yes, I AM THAT BRAVE. I’m afraid my answer would be no, leave me alone.

Honor and Lies barely touches on the kind of bravery it took for the slaves of the south to run for freedom, but it’s there, especially in the character of James. I remember studying about the Underground Railroad in school and thinking how terrifying it must have been to leave the atrocities you know for the unknown that is freedom. I wondered then if I would be brave enough to take the risk when often that choice ended in death.  Honor and Lies coupon:  50% off for one month: coupon code is LH94Z.

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5 responses to “Bravery

  1. I, too, hope I can be that brave. By nature we are all afraid of death and therefore cowards. Yet, I have read of few who when doing the right thing were not afraid when facing death. I read of Stephen in the Acts of the Apostles. Yet I realize that his hope was in eternal life in Christ. That is our only hope to stand in the right. There is an old saying amongst Texas Rangers according to a definitive history I have read of them. “You just cannot stop a man in the right who just keeps acoming.” And you know it is true as long as we remain faithful to our beliefs of freedom which are of Biblical origen.

    I highly reccommend the recent work of yours, “Honor and Lies.” Great read.I need to research the subject more throughly myself. It was a strange era that saw slavery cross the lines of race and rather once again was an issue of social standing and wealth as it has been through the ages. Unfortunately, although humanity has legally handled the problem throughout most of the world, it still remains a problem even covertly in North America. True freedom, however, comes from being free of the burden and guilt of sin so that in whatever state we find ourself, we are free. That freedom can never be affected by humanity.

    • Great post, Uncle Sam! You are right. True freedom comes from God and the knowledge that our time here is fleeting. Thanks for the recommend on my book, too. Love you!

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  2. People who loved their country and wants freedom, they will fight for their rights. Right to live peacefully and right to defend their country. I hope I can be brave like them to sacrifice my life for my own beloved country.

  3. True Lawrence, I am sure if the country calls, i will not hesitate, I was just giving it a thought, and being a patriotic American, i would be ready anytime!

  4. Mohandas Gandhi once said “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”
    We can only wish and hope that nations would stop showing each other who is stronger, who is braver… Conflict of interest, belief and culture can be solved if we just learn to understand and respect each other. There is no way to peace… because peace is the way.

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