Lessons Learned

Anyone who follows my blog knows this year has been tough. Tough enough that I wondered if God was sending me a message.
The end of the year came together in such a way that if God was sending me a message, I heard it loud and clear. I’m where I belong right now.
Today I met one of my former students who is now a co-worker for coffee and we started The Artist’s Way. The former student inspired me to do more in my classroom. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of my job. The last two weeks of school were spent distributing the book and clipping and mounting our contest entries for several organizations we belong to. That was fun and necessary, but I was so focused on the work, I didn’t tell my kids how much I appreciated them. I didn’t spend time on lessons or learning. I clipped and taped and wrote on the back of entries. I won’t get that time back.
The meeting today was supposed to be about writing and releasing the artist in me, but it was more than that. It was a challenge to spend this summer refilling the well for my teaching and to come back next year determined to do more, do better.
God really does speak if we listen. Today God sent me another message. It was one I needed to hear, delivered by an amazing teacher I’ve watched grow up over the years.
Thanks Scotty! I’m looking forward to The Artist’s Way, and I’m thankful I’m a teacher still learning my craft.

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