The Newsroom (Banquet speech 2011)

This year in one minute or less:
What, Mrs. Lee? You want us to do beats? What are beats? Oh no!!!! This is hard!
Pfffft. This is a blow off class.
Wait a second I was supposed to take those photos? I can’t! OK, I can!
Is that Kraft Shells and Cheese? Or PB&J?
What. Is. That. Smell???
I’m hungry!
Want my peanut butter crackers?
I will, I can, I think I can. Oh no! I can’t. Wait…this is UGLY. No, it’s awesome.
“Yearbook business.”
Just married.
Most likely to….
UGH! The resolution on this background is too small!!!
5,5,5,7. Crap. I forgot.
You did what?
Put that camera down, Kyler!
New Computers, New Computers, New Computers!
I don’t like CS4.
Image Placer NOOOOOOOO!!!!
Red Pen Intervention
How do I write a feature?
UGH! I hate editorials now!
Headlines? How are they a competition?
Money, money, money.
The 50-yr-sidebar isn’t done!
WAIT, it is. I’ve got it.
Can I? Yes!
Can I? No!
That is NOT OKAY!
Deadline, Deadline, Deadline
Oh no, we haven’t updated the website in a month!
That. Is. Awesome.
I love the newsroom, I hate the newsroom, this place is driving me crazy, this is my home.
Grooveshark is broken. They blocked Grooveshark. ACK! Edited version only, Regan!
What did she just say?
Rocks. Rock Stars. Fun. Life.
You’ve Got This. We’ve Got This.
Oh Newsroom.


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