Last Day of Spring Break

We set up an old computer so I could use Rosetta Stone to re-learn French. So far I can tell you about old and young people, running, jumping, cars, planes, short and long hair, lots of colors and animals. I got to skip the numbers lesson because I still remembered that. Yay!
I’ve cleaned one room and my kitchen cabinets are half way de-cluttered. I even used a hammer on one of them.
I kicked off break marching in Austin, went to hockey game, got a little office area set up, read two great books, downloaded the second in the Hunger Games series to listen to, caught up on e-mail, watched the rest of season 2 of Bones and some of season 3, ate too much some days, not enough others, worked out every day…at least a little, got my hair colored and trimmed.
So here it is Friday.
On Monday our local budget committee will present their recommendations for cuts to the school board. There’s a story on that says the Senate has cut the funding shortfall in half for public education. It will be interesting to see if that proves to be true.
I needed Spring Break this year. Like always, it’s gone too fast. Hopefully next week isn’t too painful.

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