We interrupt this space for a very important message…aka out to eat without wifi = OMG!

So we stopped on the way to Austin at this gorgeous healthy looking restaurant called Panera Bread. Forgive me, I’m new (re-new?) to WW, so for some reason my brain blocked out the word BREAD in the name, maybe because the scent of baked carboliciousness caused a momentary coma.
I scoured the menu and patted myself on my back for the choice of a mediterranean vegetable sandwich and an iced green tea with an apple for the side. (Because apples are power foods or zero point foods or something. I’m still learning the lingo. And I didn’t have wifi. And the sandwich had the word Mediterranean in it. And it was vegetarian. )
After I ordered, I remembered to get the nutritional info. 
Thunk. (that was me. DYING!)
But just for a second because it was no big deal, right? I’d eat half the sandwich and life would be good.
Meal arrives. Fake healthy sandwich mocks me. Green tea…is sugared. So no green tea. Substitute with water. 
Half the sandwich in I was still hungry, so I kept eating because God in heaven knows I did not want to get too hungry on the road down and end up stopping at a convenience store for a Little Debbie Smorgasbord.
I didn’t eat the crust because it was COVERED IN SUGARY GOODNESS. (Stupid healthy looking restaurant Panera Bread. You are Satan. Or CarboliciousOMG. I can’t decide.) 
That was lunch. When we left I felt a little like Wonder Woman. I mean, I gave up sugared tea and bread crust covered in sugary goodness. I was awesome. I was a rock star.  I got to where I could look up the points on the sandwich. 
Thunk. (see early thunk. same thing)
15. OMG
I’m a slow learner, though. Instead of planning dinner, I went out without wifi again. Ended up at PF Changs. 
Asked the waiter for suggestions for healthy food. Got Almond Chicken. And brown steamed rice. Ate about 2/3s of it.
It was scrumptious. And healthy. I thought.
When I looked up the points I felt like Wonder Woman again. Until I saw the servings for those nutrition facts. 
That should be illegal. No way should they be able to publish nutritional facts on 1 plate of food and call it three servings. The WW police should be all over that one.

Lessons learned: 
Ask for nutritional info before eating. 
Slow down. Panera Bread actually had two healthy choices on their menu, but I didn’t see them until I was leaving. PF Changs, well, I wasn’t getting out of there without an MPM (Major Point Moment).

On the bright side, I have plenty of WPs left and I’m going to earn some APs in a few minutes.
I looked it up. I know exactly what I’ve eaten, how it counts and how it’s going to work into my week now. I’m not full, I’m satisfied.
And I have an apple in my purse for tomorrow. 🙂

Picture today: DH and me in Vegas the winter after I shattered my ankle. I was so afraid to make the trip because I’d just stopped using my cane. (3 years ago).



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