Daily Archives: February 6, 2011

ANOTHER weather post

It was supposed to snow today. It was supposed to ice over night. Instead it’s a balmy 44 outside and we have a nice little rain. That’s the North Texas weather I know and love. Fool the weathermen. It’s what we do. 🙂

I won’t be watching the Super Bowl. I’ll try to catch some of the commercials.
I used to love NFL. I was a huge Cowboys fan. My love all things Dallas Cowboys was shaken when Jerry Jones (Satan) fired Tom Landry and then let reporters give him the news. Jerk. But I hung on to my fan status.
Until Michael Irvin got caught with a stripper and cocaine and told the girl it might ruin her life, but he was Michael Irvin. The first touchdown he made everything would be forgiven. He was right. No one cared that he was a jerk punk thug child-man paid to play football thumbing his nose at the law.
I fell out of love with the Cowboys. And slowly lost interest in all things NFL. I know it’s wrong to color an entire sports league with the actions of a few, but it seriously annoys me when these over-paid entertainers hurt people and then are welcomed back with open arms because they can catch a ball, run faster than others, throw a ball or tackle like nobody’s business. The few destroyed my love of the game.
On the bright side, I (re)joined WW yesterday and I won’t have to struggle through party foods. 🙂