Daily Archives: January 1, 2011


Way back when I first started buying romance (not reading, I’d been reading romance for years!) I bought my books from waldenbooks in the mall. I loved Julie gar wood and the booksellers would call me to let me know a new gar wood was out and they led me to johanna Lindsey and others because of my love for Garwood. I spent my paychecks at walden’s on a regular basis. Flash forward 20 years. Today I buy mostly e-books. I miss walden’s but I can’t stand shopping at the local big bookstore. They neve have what I want and e kids working there don’t know what they’re talking about. Today I discovered the best thing ever: bordersblog.com. Sue Grimshaw is just like the Walden’s booksellers from 20 years ago. She talks about books, there are lists of monthly releases. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this resource! Looking forward to a great year of reading!