Confessions of a Trash TV addict

It’s Christmas Eve Eve so a nice calming day of baking cookies and watching trash TV ala Bravo was high on my list.
I’m a trash TV addict. I blame MTv. Back when I was just a little older than my daughter is now I was instantly hooked to Real World and Beavis and Butthead. My trash TV addiction began. Today it includes all sorts of wonders from Gossip Girl to Real Housewives…except the Beverly Hills franchise. Those ladies and their lips scare me. I used to love this newscaster from LA. She had bad cosmetic surgery and went on the talk shows to talk about what the doctor had done to her. Her lips after the botched surgery look just like the lips the BH Real Housewives have on purpose. Ack!
I finished book five in The Karen Marie Moning Highlander series. It’s the only one I haven’t loved. The story was awesome, but it seemed like she threw in a bunch of page filler sex. I’m listening to book 6 now. It’s tons hotter than book 5, but it’s better. The emotion is back. I love Moning’s story-telling. It’s funny because years ago my friends were reading these books and I wasn’t interested. My tastes have changed, I guess. This weekend I finished one of the best books I’ve read all year: Curtiss Ann Matlock’s Little Town, Great Big Life. It was amazing. I laughed, I cried, I felt every single page of that book. I’ve always loved Matlock’s work, but I haven’t read her in a while.
DD told me today that she read every one of my blog posts about her yesterday. (waving hi if you’re reading today!) I love my blog. I love going back and reading past thoughts, feelings, actions. I never thought this blog would serve as my journal. I try to stay away from deeply personal stuff here, the closest I’ve come to that is posts about addiction.
When I started writing here, or actually on Livejournal, I planned on having a space to write about writing. My life has changed a lot since I started this. I remember one of my early posts was a rant against women who made us believe we could have it all–a career, family and life. Today I’m not a bit bothered by that. In fact, as part of the college ministry I tell young women that that’s a lie but that they can have a fulfilled life as long as they put God first, family second and then the job.
That’s a show they ought to have on TV. I mean, they have Teen Moms, they should have middle aged women come to terms with the reality that the truth is quite simple, it’s something their grandmothers probably taught them, something they chose to ignore, something that will give peace in a way nothing else can.
I fought that plan for so many years, and my poor family paid the price.
My head’s on straight now. 🙂 And I enjoy my trash TV. It’s fluff fiction but lots of fun!
I wonder when New Jersey or New York Housewives will be back on?

2 responses to “Confessions of a Trash TV addict

  1. Thanks, Mary Beth, for saying how much you enjoyed ‘Little Town, Great Big Life’! And I love your blog. You encourage me in writing my novel and my blog. Waving from AL.

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