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Dear Katie, my Katie loves Star Wars, too!

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Way back when I was a young mom trying to get my darling daughter to wear something to school other than purple and green Little Mermaid pants and a big blue (very expensive!) shirt with a dog applique complete with eyelashes you could feel, I knew she was going to march to a slightly different beat from her friends.
She did. Now years later, she still does.
For as long as I can remember she and her dad have watched and loved Star Wars. She was Darth Vader one Halloween.
Being your own person isn’t always easy, Katie, but it sure is nice when you’re older to look in the mirror and say “Hi me. I like you.”

I ❤ my DD!

Dear Katie’s mom,
You are a rock star! Thanks for sharing and thanks for helping kids everywhere learn to say “I like me!”