Made my goal again but weirdest night in a long time

So I made my writing goal, and some interesting plot points happened on their own as I worked forward on the NaNo book. Haven’t written like this in a while.
Family response tonight wasn’t so awesome, which was really weird. Of course, the other nights I’ve waited until later to write, so maybe that was it. Or maybe it was just a tense family night because those things happen and I’m super stressed about the day job and the 50-yr Keynote I need to be working on and I feel like I’m not on my A-game at work and I’m rarely this far off the A-game there, but MAN! On the bright side I got some great angsty emotions to use in the book that’s quite angsty.
And now that I’m writing this blog, I’m remembering that I need to give the day job to GOD and pray and pray some more and believe He’s got this.
I feel better now.
And I beat my goal, too.


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