Daily Archives: October 13, 2010

The Hate Has To Stop

The recent gay suicides have broken my heart.
There. I said it.
I feel so horrible for kids who think they’re going to be able to be Out and Proud and not face the intolerance of others. I don’t understand perfectly nice young men and women turning into total jerks when they hear someone is lesbian or gay.
Almost always they hide their bad behavior behind the shield of religion, and I just want to say go back and read your bible, you morons. Jesus didn’t preach a message of hate except to those professing to be religious leaders who were really using the temple to sell crap (hello tel-Evangelists!).
A long time ago my minister said church should be a home for every heart. That God will deal with people if you get them in the door. Hate and bigotry will never change anything.
I know people disagree, but I’ve had so many gay and lesbian students over the years, and I’ve watched them struggle in this city that is the buckle of the bible belt and I hurt for them, just as I hurt for the young people who’ve decided they just can’t stand it any more so they end everything.
The hate has to stop. We have to stand up and yell those words from the rooftops.