The ministry dh and I help with is in upheaval right now. Our minister resigned unexpectedly and several others have left with her. The ministry has been such a blessing to us. We’re devastated to see it falling apart.
Tonight though, I listed to the Nooma video Whirlwind, and it really helped me.
It’s about how Job questioned God and God answered back so powerfully that He’s in Control. It’s sometimes, especially in the midst of chaos, hard to remember that He is ultimately in control.
Today dh told some of the student leaders who were left that they had to decide how to move the ministry forward. It’s a clean slate, and they control the next step.
Feelings are hurt, so emotions really get in the way right now, but when dh said that, I realized how right he is. These young people we work with need their church and us and God. He’s in control. They have to decide how to move forward.
Please pray for us this week. We’ll be meeting to try to formulate a plan for moving forward. It won’t be easy, and I don’t know what the future holds. I do know that the God who created the universe has us in His hands.

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