How Great

is our God. I love that song. And the words are so true.
Today was just as busy as every day that came before. In fact, it was first deadline for the new yearbook staff, and randomly the computer quit working like they’re supposed to. It’s not really all that random. We upgraded our software and the server was switched over the summer, so we knew problems might ensue. I thought I’d solved the problems yesterday, and even spent time on the phone with our awesome tech guy making sure everything was good to go. Then today hit. LOL.
The problems were back and then some.
I had a room full of kids half of whom were freaking out because they’ve never been on deadline, and they don’t really know what they’re doing because the only way you really learn is to do it and BAM, the computers stop. Or as one of the girls yelled: “Did that just eat my pictures? It did! The computer ate my pictures. They’re gone.”
Usually when one of the kids yells something like that, I can calm them down, say remember rule #4 (Don’t freak out) and find the missing item.
Not this time.
This time, the computer ate her pictures.
And the server disappeared on one of the machines.
And one of the editors is sick.
And every time the kids try to place a picture the computers alert that the color space isn’t supported.
And we don’t get a budget.
And our yearbook.newspaper bill runs just a little over $80K this year.
But you know what? We had fun. We laughed. We danced. One of the np eds sang,
It was awesome.
I still didn’t get the stuff on my list done. It was OK, though. The list will be there Monday. And prayer is the difference.

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