Working on a Plan

Let’s face it–my REAL problem is I keep taking on more than I can handle. I volunteered for four preps. My journalism teacher life was going along just fine and I wanted to incorporate video into what I was doing, so when that job came up, I raised my hand like the gold star girl I’ve always tried to be and said, “pick me, pick me.”
I did so even though I’d spent the four years before wondering if I could continue handling yearbook & newspaper and journalism.
Looking back, I can honestly say that was a stupid move.
My friend, Nikki, who taught the video class a couple years earlier told me no way was I going to be able to handle it along with what I already did because she knew me. I don’t just want the kids to read announcements. We’re working on video projects and movies and all sorts of stuff. I want them to be visual story tellers. And, they LIKE that. But the work it takes to get ready for that class cuts into the time I already didn’t have enough of.
Again, I volunteered for this.
I revamped my whole publications program. Hello media team and a beat system and an increase in the pace of production.
I have these amazing kids in my classes. I need to figure out a system that works. Once I figure out the system, life will be good!
On a bright note, a fellow tech teacher and I talked today and ended up asking our principal if we could maybe team teach video. If that happens, it’s a step in the right direction.
Another HUGE step in the right direction: I remembered today that when I get too overwhelmed there’s always an answer. I can’t believe we’re in the fourth week of school this year, and I’m in my 16th year of doing this, and I forget the number one thing to do when it feels like I’m going under. Prayer.
This morning before school, I put my headphones on, cranked up Kari Jobe’s “I’m Singing,” closed my eyes and prayed.
I still felt overwhelmed half way through the day when I realized I hadn’t been able to cross one thing off my list , but when I closed my eyes and prayed, I knew life would be okay.

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