Pre-Camp Meeting

I have four rules for my students when we’re traveling. They’re not original. I picked them up from one of my friends who used to be our UIL coordinator.
Rule Number 1: Be Nice.
Rule Number 2: Stay Together.
Rule Number 3: Have Fun
Rule Number 4: Don’t Freak Out.
Those four cover most of the bases. Of course, I throw in, this is a school trip. If you break the rules, you’re going home AND you’ll have school consequences. 🙂

Today, I met with nine of the 10 amazing kids going to camp today for lunch and three moms who aren’t going, but wanted to be there. It was great.
For the first time in years, I’m going to have a parent booster club for publications. I’m a little worried but excited, too. Parents can make or break a program.
Lunch was fun. Lots of laughter. Lots of excitement. Lots of “Mrs. Lee, if rule number three is have fun, how come jumping off the balcony is forbidden.” ahahaha
I’m looking forward to camp. Not looking forward to driving the short white bus, but it was that or pay for the driver and the daily rate for a big bus, and since we don’t get a budget, we can’t afford that!

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