Best Peach Cobbler Ever

I always forget this recipe and then when I make it I remember how awesome it is. We made this twice in Georgia, and it was amazing. What I love about this is the measurements don’t have to be exact. I eyeball this one to get it where I want it, and taste it to see if it needs more spice. Remember it’s easier to add more than to take away!

Preheat over to 350
Once hot put i stick of butter in 9×12 pan and put it in the oven.

Mix your crust batter while the butter is melting:
1 C. Flour
1 C. Sugar
1 C Milk
1 TBSP Vanilla or flavoring you like. Rum is reallllllly good.
A tiny bot of salt (optional)
Spices: Definitely cinnamon, but if you have the Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus, it’s amazing! Other spices you might add would be nutmeg, ginger and a tiny bit of clove.
(You can add a little baking soda if you want it to be puffier.)
Whisk this up. It will be runny.

Put the crust batter to the side. Don’t mess with the butter. It needs to keep melting.

Doctor your peaches.
Either 1 big can sliced peaches OR 1-2 pounds slided fresh peaches.
If you use fresh, add 1 TBSP lemon juice and 1 C. sugar and mix it up. Then add spices. Definitely Cinnamon. Rum or Vanilla are good. That Cinnamon Plus stuff works, too.
Stir it all up and taste to make sure you like it. It works best if it’s a little tart and a lot sweet. Like Sweet-Tart candy.

By now your butter should be sizzling.
Grab pot holders and take the sizzling butter out of the oven. Pour the batter in the sizzling butter. (breathe deep here. It will make you happy)
Then pur the peaches in the middle. They’ll spread out.

Put cobbler in the oven and let it cook @ 350 for 45 minutes, maybe checking every five minutes after 40. It might take a little longer or shorter, depending on your oven.
The corners are usually crunchy goodness. 🙂

Serve warm with ice cream for an even tastier treat.

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