Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

Vacation’s Over

For the first time since I started teaching I seriously took a summer off. It was amazing. My stress level is at zero, and I’m ready to tackle the new year with a new attitude.
New attitude 1: I come first. By that, I don’t mean I alone. I mean God, my family and me, then my job. I thought I learned that lesson while stuck in a hospital in Italy, but nope. I got the God first part right, but I put job second.
For 15 years I put the job first or second. Ahead of my husband and my daughter and WAY ahead of myself.
I thought it was cute that DD grew up in the newsroom. That she slept under my desk on days she was sick before she started school. That she thought of my editors as quasi-siblings.
I thought it was fine that my idea of cooking was open a box, throw it in the microwave and set it on the table.
I thought it was a badge of honor that I went to school sick. Even being wheeled into class for six weeks while I continued to recover from the shattered ankle.
Then last year happened and I spent three months sick with swine flu that turned into pneumonia or a bronchial infection or whatever it was. At the time, I really just wanted to crawl into bed and cry. I didn’t see how we’d finish the yearbook or have a paper. I hated it.
But by the end of the school year, I’d learned an important lesson. A lesson I’m sorry it took me so long to learn.
I love my job, and that’s a good thing. A marvelous thing really because I get paid to go to something I consider fun as much as work with students I love.
it’s still my job.
I have to take care of myself and be there for my family, and that means more than going to church, working with 18:26 and making small group a priority.
It means I’m going to schedule workouts. Work will have to be scheduled around my family’s needs.
It’s a good thing I’ve come to this realization since work starts again today with the Rider Leadership Academy our student council is running.