Daily Archives: July 17, 2010

Garden Failures, Cooking Wins

First the bad:
I’ve had my tomatoes planted since before school got out. In that time I’ve gotten exactly ZERO tomatoes. WHile I was gone, the vines grew taller than me. There were several tomato starts out there, but the ones that were even the slightest pink were rotten. So I trimmed the vines down to almost nothing and we’ll see what happens now. DH thinks that was a huge mistake. He might be right. I’m certainly no garden genius.
While I was gone, my onions completely disappeared. In the past, I haven’t had to do anything to get onions. They just kind of grew themselves. Guess not this year. My peppers actually have baby starters on them. We’ll see. I think there’s a chance I won’t get fruit from my labor this year, and it’s been a LOT of labor.
Now the good:
I made my first homemade biscuits today and they were scrumptious. Especially with the peach jelly I helped make at my sil’s.
My sil makes me feel lazy. She has three great kids, runs them all over creation and still cooks all the time. She gave me a great idea for this school year. She and my brother cook their meats for the week on the weekend and make meals throughout the week. DH said he had that idea a couple years ago, and in a way, he did. Only his idea was for ME to do the cooking all by my lonesome. Not. Going. To. Happen.
homemade biscuits and jelly will definitely happen again.
Tomorrow, I’ll post the jelly and biscuit recipes.