Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

The Hagberg’s

I’m in awe of my sister-in-law.

She cooks every day. Usually multiple meals. AND she mothers three active kids, hauling them 15 miles back and forth to swim team, band camp, etc. AND she works out every day. She’s lost over 30 pounds. She does a lot of the hauling alone right now because she and my brother finished Financial Peace University, and they’re working hard to “live like no one else, so they can live like no one else” until Oct. 1.

I’m in awe of my brother, too.
No picture of him because I, somehow, took no pictures of him. That FPU thing means he works morning, noon and night right now. Leaving the house around 7:30 and not coming home until midnight-ish. He’s doing that until October. Dave Ramsey calls this gazelle intensity. I just thought we were gazelling at my house.
Bill works all those hours and then on the weekends, he still plays with the kids. He loves games, and his kids do, too. He’s a gentle giant, teaching his kids the intricacies of games that require lots of strategy like Pandemic & Spades.
He and Alecia are great parents.
AND they’ve developed great kids.
Ben is wonderful older brother. He’s going into high school, but he still works with his sisters. He swims this monstrous thing called the 500. I think it’s 20 laps in the pool. He plays the saxophone in band. He loves books and computer games and he’s a wii beast.
Maddie, the middle, is smart as a whip and a big helper. When she’s playing strategic games she often tells her dad what she’s going to do instead of what he suggests. Once she explains her reasons, it’s apparent she totally knows what she’s talking about. She also wants to help in the garden and the kitchen. She’s making that transition from little kid to young lady, and she’s doing so with grace.
Maryellen, the baby, is amazing. She can talk non-stop for hours, but don’t let that fool you. She hears everything that’s said and can keep up with multiple conversations at the same time. She sings like a dream. I vaguely remember my brother telling me she could sing. I figured he meant she could sing like a little kid. Nope. She has the voice of an angel. And she’s precious. Her laughter is contagious.
I hate that the Hagberg’s live so far away, but I sure did love visiting with them. Georgia is a beautiful state. The Hagberg’s just make it better.

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