Hello From Georgia

So far I’ve…
visited with DB, DSIL and the kids. (yay!)
worked out, and learned why SIL talked so much about arm day. OMG! My arms are dying. (Yay!)
met the trainer responsible for arm day. And his wife. Who just had a baby and looks like a stick anyway.
watched DSIL and the kids work in the garden
gone to the best used book store ever, McKay. WOW!!!!!!!!
met Charlotte the spider. Thankfully, not up close and personal.
learned to make and actually made peach jelly. (OMG, yum!)
eaten at this place called Oakwood. (OMG, yum!!)
gotten free Chick-fil-A for dressing like a cow. (OMG, yum! Georgia Chick-fil-A is better than Texas Chick-fil-A)
made homemade peach cobbler (OMG, yum!)
learned to play Mario Kart (sorta. I’m bad, but it’s fun)
taken pics. Will post when I get home.
It’s gorgeous here. But DH said “we’re not moving to Georgia” when I told him that.


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