Happy 4th!

Light crowd at church today, so we had to get lots of volunteers for childcare.
The preacher today said one of those volunteers who is also a church elder was explaining to the kids that today is July 4th and how important the holiday is.
“It’s Independence Day. You’re free, you’re free.”
A little boy interrupted. “I’m not free, I’m four!”
The same man was with a group of kids trying to get them to name all the states. The kids got to 40, but that was all they could do. Our preacher today said he thought that was awesome, but the elder said he was a little disappointed because by the time he was their age, he could name all the states. One of the kids said that wasn’t a fair comparison because when he was a kid, there were only 13 of them.

Great day for laughs!
But laughs aren’t really what this holiday is about. You should watch this video to help remember the purpose.


One response to “Happy 4th!

  1. Ahahaha!!! Smart kids!

    Hey, 40’s pretty good. My class knows them because of the song “Fifty Nifty United States.” We have to sing it, but we get them all!

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