Harry Potter

I cried when I watched the new Harry Potter trailer.
It’s not so much about Harry Potter. It’s that DD grew up with the books and movies. This is the end. And just like the main characters in the books, she’s not a little kid any more.
I remember when we bought Sorcerer’s Stone. It was in the Scholastic pamphlet she brought home in 3rd grade. She didn’t ask for the book, I just bought it for her along with The Babysitter’s Little Sister and some Mary-Kate and Ashley books.
She was totally hooked by the end of chapter one. And it stayed that way. By the time book three came out, the series was a huge hit.
She’s gone to midnight release book parties, dressed like Hermione, bought the books on CD, listened to them for hours, and watched every movie.
This is it. It’s been a joy to share the love of this amazing series with her.
I’ll bring Kleenex with to the movie. I know I’ll need it. She might need it, too.


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