Daily Archives: June 30, 2010

Summer’s half-way point

Half the summer is gone, and I feel a little split on this one. I’ve gotten up every week day and gone to the Y…except the three days when I thought I was buying a house. Those days I spent with DH, a real estate agent and the credit union loan officer. I cleaned the house–it’s messy again now. I’ve lost 13 pounds—was 16, but I randomly gained 4 two weeks ago. Lost 11 inches–yay!, figured out what color to paint the house, planted a garden, grew a ton of tomato vines, four pepper plants, a bunch of onions (really wish I had more than 2 tomatoes on those vines!), I’ve read some good books (some not so good, too), saw Sheila once, got my ticket to see brother and family for less than $200 round trip, hosted and attended one yearbook workshop. That’s pretty much it. This month is crazy busy starting next week. I’ve liked the time off. It’s the first time in a few years I’ve done that, and I’ve got to say, I loooooovvvvveeeee summer. It’s different when you don’t stay busy at camps and workshops the entire time.
I’ve decided I’m going to have to redo the newsroom schedule. I have to put me first. Work outs aren’t optional. I didn’t even put me first when I broke my ankle. That year I missed four days, and every one of them was for Dallas doctor’s appointments.
Off to the gym. Have a great day.