#1 reason I <3 e-books

Today my mother-in-law gave me a mass market paperback to read. She said it’s awesome. It’s a NYT Bestseller, so I figure she’s right. I don’t buy my own paperbacks anymore. I don’t buy hardback either. If I read a paper book it’s given to me or I’ve checked it out from the library.
Two years ago I couldn’t imagine enjoying e-books. I love the smell of paper and ink. Libraries were my favorite places in the world. My high school library saved my life. My high school librarian introduced me to Harlequin Romance. I blew off friends who told me I’d love e-books. Until I started reading them on my iPod. Maybe it had something to do with my age. I could increase the font size so easily. Maybe it had something to do with DH hating my booklights. Suddenly, I had a booklight that didn’t bother him at all. Maybe it’s because I’m a mess and I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve been reading an amazing book, only to set it down somewhere and find it five months later. And then there’s the whole instant gratification of e-books. If I decide at midnight that I want the latest Karen Templeton, I don’t have to run to Wal-Mart. I just log on to e-Harlequin’s e-bookstore, buy the digital editions, open it with the txtr app, and my life is good. But that’s not my # 1 reason for loving e-books.
Back to the book my mother-in-law gave me. She paid $7.98 for the mass market paperback. And judging by the prologue, it’s going to be a good book. Unfortunately, once I turned to chapter one, the words go into the gutter. I have to fight the book to read the book, and I just don’t know if it’s worth it.
Before e-books, I fought books on a regular basis. I used reading glasses because of tiny print because I wanted to read the book so badly. With e-books, it’s not even a problem.
I don’t know if I’m gonna read the book or not. Right now, I’m going to clean my house instead. I can guarantee you that wouldn’t happen if it were an e-book.


One response to “#1 reason I <3 e-books

  1. Yes! I’ve read a LOT more since I got my phone. I still have a bunch of paperbacks, but I pick up the phone much more often. I had 2 books checked out of the library and didn’t even read them because it’s just easier to read on the phone.

    I bought a Nook today because I can check out library books on it. We’ll see how I like it.

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