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I’m finding that I LOVE audio books. It’s a completely different feel from reading a book. I know the story is the same, but I think hearing it chages it somehow. Several of my friends read J. Crusie’s Wild Ride and gave it low marks. I listened to it and LOVED it. I’ve not read Jellicoe Road, but I listend to it, and it was one of my favorite books last year. Most of Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s books are on my keeper shelf, but since I’ve enjoyed my audible account so much, I’ve started getting them from audible. They’re just as good. Charlaine Harris’s Sookie series is fabulous as audio. I’m really surprised I enjoy audio books so much. Strange. Looking at my keeper shelf I see fewer and fewer paper books. I need a new system for starring my audio and e-Books, so I remember which of them are keepers also!


3 responses to “audio books

  1. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan are great in audio format. I have listened to many of them without reading the actual physical book. It is a long series (Read my scope-creep article), but the people they have reading them are very good. There is a man reading the parts that are the point of view of the men and a woman reading the parts that are from the point of view of the women. Very well done. Goes great with an workout. Well, perhaps not with aquatics workouts. Electronics and all. Looking forward to seeing you.

  2. I love the Sookies on audio! I have the Phillippa Gregory’s to listen to on audio, too, while I walk. And I listened to Hunger Games that way, too.

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