Getting Fit

If you haven’t already noticed, I have a getting fit page on my blog. It’s six weeks old.
Over the last six weeks, I’ve lost 14 pounds without dieting, without Weight Watchers, without spending a fortune. The first five weeks I walked 30-90 minutes a day. The last week, I added aerobics classes at the Y.
If I want ice cream, I eat it. Today, I had barbecue for lunch. It’s okay. I can eat out. Starbucks is almost a daily treat. I’m never hungry.
What I am is “getting” healthy.
I eat whole grains in the morning or at lunch, lots of fruits and veggies and milk. But I eat anything else I want, too. Including butter.
I’m using the free loseit app to help. I told it how much weight I wanted to lose, and it told me how many calories I can have a day. I earn more calories by exercising. I keep track of all the food I eat, and it keeps track of my calorie count. It’s visual so I can see how things are going. If I want a Dr Pepper float and I haven’t saved the calories for it, I exercise to earn the calories.
I decided I had to get fit when I saw a picture of myself in the local newspaper after winning runner up for teacher of the year. I also checked my real age on According to them, my real age was 49. Last week, I retook the test. I’m down to 44. I’ll retake the test every month.
Last week I paid for the iFit app. It was $1.99 and it’s supposed to be a personal trainer. So far all I’ve done is put my measurements in. I did that because last week I didn’t lose any weight, and I decided measurements were as important to getting fit as actual numbers.
Last year I started menopause. It’s almost always a blessing. 🙂 But I think it has contributed to my weight gain. It’s more important than ever to watch my calories and to make sure I work out. There’s a 92-yr-old lady in my stretch class who can touch her nose to the floor. I can’t even touch my toes with my fingers! I’ll write more about the classes another time. Let’s just say Zumba is fun and funny, balancing balls are hilarious and my stretch class is for senior citizens, but they’re all in better shape than me! I’m changing that.

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