Summer Week One

I love summer. 🙂
This week I worked out every day, joined a ZUMBA class, used an exercise balancing ball for the first time, laughed at myself a lot, cooked every night, purchased my tickets to see my brother in Georgia next month, spent hours watching Toddlers and Tiaras on youtube (I have no idea where that one came form. we didn’t do pageants, and other than a childhood routing for Miss Texas or Miss Arkansas to win Miss America, I’ve not cared about pageants at all), read a couple good books (Samantha Hunter and Susan Gable), streamed the BBC Robin Hood from Netflix, and watched movies-Tsotsi=amazing. You should watch. It’s disturbing, though, and I needed Kleenex. Nanny Diaries is cute.
What I didn’t do is write. At all.
I planned on working out and then going to Starbucks to write. I’ll try for that again this week. I also need to clean house!


2 responses to “Summer Week One

  1. What are the specifics of your flight? When do you get to ATL? When do you leave? Really looking forward to your visit, Big Sis. Hope I can find a bunch of time to visit with you. I know Alecia will get to. You can go experience her workout routine with her. Just a warning: You won’t be able to lift your arms past keyboard level after arm day.


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