You should listen: Alec Dockery, Whatever We Want

You know how it is when your friends tell you about their kids and how awesome they are, and you smile and nod and think OH GOD, don’t make me listen, and then they push play and you resign yourself to the fake smile and the “oh wow! that’s nice” while on the inside you’re cringing and pleading for the tornado sirens to sound or something, anything to get you out of there?
That was me the last day of school when my friend Charlotte Dockery dropped by with her stepson Alec’s new song, Whatever We Want.
I was super busy and not in the least bit interested in hearing a high school kid sing a song he’d written and had produced. But I love Charlotte, and I’d listen to monkeys sing if she asked me to. So I resigned myself to my fate, pasted on the smile, and was blown away when she pushed play.
So were my students, Alec’s demographic.
They all wanted to hear the song again and again and again.
It’s that perfect song about dreams and love and well, don’t take my word for it, go listen. It’s on iTunes now: Whatever We Want by Alec Dockery. It’s .99 to download, but you can listen to the preview for free. I downloaded it the day it was available and I keep listening to it. If you like it, tell others about it.
He’s a local (Wichita Falls) kid headed to Nashville for college. With his voice, he’s picked the right place! He wrote the song, and that’s him playing the piano and singing all the parts. Amazing.


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