Daily Archives: May 18, 2010


…was awesome. I love this year’s book. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. It’s so beautiful. Woo Hoo Walsworth and my awesome editors.
Biggest complaint: Two seniors upset that their names are misspelled in the book under their photos. I wish we would’ve caught it. Of course, I asked, repeatedly, for two months for seniors to come check their photos and names. Neither of the two complainers did that. UGH!
One mother was angry because we don’t have record of a yearbook purchase for her student. She didn’t have a receipt or this wouldn’t be a problem. We always say keep your receipt and have it at yearbook day and life will be much easier if there’s a problem. And we always have people who don’t do that. This mom was actually incredulous that we would ask her child to hold on to a receipt for so long. She said we’re asking too much for these young children.
I think she’s selling kids this age short. They’re fully capable of this kind of responsibility, but they’ll only live up to expectations.