True Love and Other Stuff

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
I’m taking measures NOW to change that at work. For 10 years I’ve struggled with some coaches and sponsors to get group photos, names and scores. It took a decade, but I’m changing the way I do that business next year. Hopefully it works. We missed a proof deadline today because I’m waiting for two sets of scores. UGH!

You know, I’m learning more this year than any other that GOD IS in control, and if I quit fighting that, He can work miracles through me.
You know that bit of wisdom works in all areas of life. Writing, weight management, organization. I’m embracing it with the writing. ūüôā
7174 total words now. Woo Hoo!

We’re studying James in 18:26. I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to James other than Amy Grant’s Fat Baby. In big service we’re in the middle of the 30 Days to Live series. Terry has taped interviews with several people who know they’re dying. It’s amazing to hear what they have to say. Last week, he talked to a man with ALS. The man was such a strong testimony to the strength of God. At the end, he turned to the camera and spoke to his wife. The last thing he said was he hoped that once he was gone she would find someone who would love her as much as he did now. I’ve never seen so many men crying at a service. Talk about true love.
On Wednesday night’s we’ve been studying Song of Solomon. It’s pretty amazing to see the differences between men and women in those few chapters. Solomon understood the needs of his wife. He understood that she needed to feel cherished and loved and beautiful. The first of this week’s lesson talked about how you don’t want to wake up 30 years from now, roll over in bed and say who is this old person next to me. We’ve really focused on keeping a marriage alive and not letting it turn into a roommate situation. That shouldn’t be difficult, but our lives get so BUSY, I know we go months without going on a date. This small group series is going to help that.

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